Acquaitance the reality of work in the Education Office in Tishreen Village

In cooperation with the Education Committee, the Civil Council of  Raqqa in Ain Issa town established the Education Office at Tishreen Village to assist students who can not read and write and to relieve stress after five years’ interruption.

Mr. Ibrahim Al Shibli, Manager of the Education Office in Tishreen Village, briefed us on the reality of work in the Education Office:

We at the Office of Education are committed to our work, where we started work on 1/9/2017, where the number of schools 52 schools where the schools were added Al Yamama , Kadiran ,Jazra, Kahtaniya and Hittin. .

And the number of teachers 450 teachers 128 misses have been cut off their papers, and we continue to cut the papers according to the needs of each school, and the number of students 5392 students.

We have activated the schools within the available resources and the voluntary means of the people and the schools were cleaned and provided with some of the needs of the schools, and teachers were also appointed and cut off their papers and give preference to teachers who began their work voluntarily since the opening of schools, and then the competent.

We suffer from a shortage of educational staff in the office, the number of members, office furniture and office supplies. The Education Office at Tishreen Farm is the largest educational office of the city council of Raqqa.

We are now rehabilitating the northern Tishreen school supplement. We are also evacuating the refugees from schools to open their doors to the students. We are now doing our best to teach our students all the needs they need.





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