Ain Issa Camp: Between the joy of liberation and the hope of return

The residents of Ain Issa camp received the news of the liberation of Raqqa city with great joy throughout the camp and everyone expressed their happiness with this news

On a tour of the media center on the camp we met Jalal al-Ayyaf, head of Ain Issa camp, where he said:

In the name of the members of the camp, we bless our people in the camp by liberating their city from the hands of injustice.

The return of displaced persons on the outskirts of the city of Raqqa will take place and we will start work as of 22/10/2017. We ask the supporting countries to help the displaced people understand their worst financial situation and ask for reconstruction in Raqqa.

The family of Khaled Abdel Fattah, a member of the Internal Security Forces in Ain Issa, a group of 6 children and housewives, are the original inhabitants of Raqqa celebrating the return of Raqqa to the arms of their family. This family, who fled from the streets two months before the campaign, no longer knows anything about Her home, and today they celebrate joy and happiness to return the tenderness and return to their home in the next few months.

Shaaban Ramadan Al-Haidar, born in 1952, has eight children from Al-Mashlaab district. He said: “I and all the people of the camp are happy to liberate Raqqa and support SDF that liberated the city. I congratulate two of my children who participated in the liberation of their city. Happiness is the greatest joy in five years.

As for Qadriya al-Sheikh from the Hindawi family, a housewife from the original residents of Raqqa from the Qasr al-Banat area, she said:

I thank all the forces that contributed to the liberation of the city. This day is a holy day for all the displaced. We are happy and happy, filling our hearts and feelings. We as women have a wonderful and indescribable feeling and we wish all our displaced people from the tenderness to return to their city in good and safety. Amina does not wrong.

We demand and appeal to all humanitarian organizations and the Civil Council to dismantle the mines and clean the city of all the remnants of Daash and also to provide all the basic needs of the city, the city is not eligible for housing.



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