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Ain Issa camp: More services for displaced people despite lack of resources

Administration of Ain Issa camp and Raqqa civil council are fully equipped to build and equip the camp’s annex in Ain Issa to receive displaced people from Deir Al-Zour and Iraq whose delegations have not stopped coming to areas controlled by the Syrian democratic forces to escape the oppression of ISIS and oppression of the regime.

Jalal al-Ayyaf, the head of Ein Issa camp, confirmed that an annex to the camp had been established to accommodate the displaced, build 800 tents and hand them over to the families, as well as the installation of ten large pallets to put some families wishing to cross to other areas. To an ambulance for the displaced from Deir Al-Zour.

Ayyaf stressed the progress of the work in the preparation of sewage, and the processing of bathrooms and the status of drinking water tanks between the tents and securing their necessary requirements, where we receive requests for those wishing to cross on a daily basis, which exceeded 800 people, mostly patients.

And supervised the process of travel with the knowledge of the fare of the car so that there is no independence by some owners of cars, where the monitoring of some cases of independence of the displaced by the owners of cars with weak souls during the transfer from the places of displacement to the camp and returned material amounts of 11.5 million until Today we are independent drivers of our displaced people.

Ayyaf also confirmed that cooperation with the Education Committee of the Raqqa Civil Council is being established to establish schools in the camp that will accommodate more than 1500 students. The teachers will be taken from inside the camp with the academic certificates. We are working on a plan to employ workers and employees from inside the camp so that there is no unemployment. Experiences and certificate holders within the camp, and 200 cleaners were employed inside the camp with the support of some organizations.

Ayyaf noted some of the difficulties facing them in the camp, such as doctors, medicines and ambulances equipped with the necessary medical equipment to transport the patient from the camp to the hospitals .

Ayyaf appealed to the Deir al-Zour civil council to establish a camp close to the liberated village of Deir al-Zour so that it is close to the displaced from our people in Deir al-Zour and to bear the burden of reaching Ein Issa camp and to relieve pressure on the camp and other camps.



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