Homemanshetal-Andalus and AL-Matar (airport) from terrorists

al-Andalus and AL-Matar (airport) from terrorists

The last phase of the liberation campaign is continuing in the name of “Battle of Martyr Adnan Abu Amjad”, which aims to end the presence of Terrorists in the entire city of Raqqa on its second day.

Where clashes have raged since yesterday between SDF and terrorists urging in the neighborhoods of Kurds, Al-Horia, the airport, the Shekhani, the mill, the Bedouins, Andalusia, and in the vicinity of the national hospital, the municipal stadium and dawar al-Naim, and continues to date.

During these clashes, QSD fighters managed to liberate and clean the neighborhoods of Andalusia and the airport, from terrorists.

Seven foreign mercenaries were killed and 10 mercenaries surrendered to the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

SDF continue to advance through Raqqa city in the rest of the city.



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