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Al Wifaq kindergarten for a safe childhood for our Democratic land

After seven harsh years for citizens in general and children in particular, in which there was no education, the meaning of childhood was distorted, the pen was replaced by the sword, and the spread of terror and blood among the children. As a result, Al Wifaq kindergarten was established.

In order to change children’s ideas, the project “Safe Childhood in the town of Ein Issa” was launched to teach children through an integrated program that aspires to raise the child’s ability in war conditions, train mothers to raise them and eliminate darkness.

The project includes illiteracy erase courses and teaching children to read and write through games, psychological recreation and avoiding violence.

The Childhood Safety Organization organized the opening ceremony of the Psychosocial Support Project for Children and Women. The opening ceremony was attended by Ajil Al-Aidan, head of the Education Committee in Ain-Issa, Director of illiteracy erase and Psychological Support Center Ibrahim Al-Kawas and a group of teachers and parents of Ain Issa.

The opening ceremony began with a speech by Mr. Ibrahim Al Kawas, Director of the Center for illiteracy erase and Psychological Support for Children, in which he talked about the program presented by the project to raise the child’s health performance in order to bring children out of memories of the war and the horrors of the war.

At the end of the opening, the children performed children’s musical links and intellectual competitions for children,popular Dabkeh workshops for children were also held .



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