HomedialogueAl-Zahra station will soon enter service

Al-Zahra station will soon enter service

IRD, in cooperation with the Reconstruction Committee of the Civil Council, cleaned the tanks of Al-Zahira station within the work plan agreed upon at the last meeting. The station tells a number of villages and towns

“Al Dahlan, Al Arian, Mazraat Al Alu,Koubash Al-Gharib, Nasiriyah, Mashhad Al-Hwaiter, Al-Moyleh, Rjam Alaya, Ain Issa, Tishreen farm

Western ram, Middle Koubash, Ruian, Zahra, Abosousa, Droubiya, Khirbat Hadla, Jib Shair.

The organization is now working on: cleaning tanks, repairing pumps. Repair of electric panels, Repair of lines, fountains, large stairs and walls.

After the destruction of mercenaries, most of its lines are mobilized and will be operated in the near future.


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