Ammar Al-Hassan school receives students in Kibash Gharbi

Ammar Al-Hassan, a member of the village of Kibash Gharbi and the former head of the Education Committee in Raqqa Civil Council, visited a school in his village to inspect the damage and assess it to the competent authorities. A mine exploded in his life on 8/9/2017.

No one was able to enter the school until it was fully secured on 10 October 2017 by the demining team, and the school is being rehabilitated at the initiative of the villagers.

The village has another school that opened on 1/10/2017 but is overcrowded with students. The students were divided into two groups so that the school could accommodate the increasing numbers of 380 students, including 250 students in the first grade.

In the school there are 18 teachers who were cut off by the educational council in the civil council. The school suffers from a shortage of books, seats and damage to boards and windows as winter and cold approach,

The most important problem of the school is the problem of overcrowding within its ranks, which affects the ability of students to absorb, which will be solved during the next week by dividing students between Kibash school and school of Shahid Ammar al-Hassan, whose contents have not been significantly damaged where People clean the school and rearrange the contents and there is cadre Full of teachers of different specialties are ready to start the teaching process at school within days.



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