Asefat Al Jazeera fighters failed two attacks on Al-Jafra and Su’at village

Syrian Democratic Forces fighters participating in the Asefat AL-Jazeera campaign failed two separate mercenary attacks, calling on two different positions of forces in the northern countryside of Deir al-Zour, which is witnessing a continuous operation by the Syrian Democratic Forces to free them

This morning, mercenaries launched an attack with heavy weapons at the Syrian Democratic Forces in the village of Suat south of Souar town.

In the afternoon, the fighters of Asefat Al Jazeera managed to thwart the attack, killing 7 mercenaries and destroying a vehicle loaded with Dushka weapons..

As attacked by mercenaries to the positions of SDF in the oil company Jafra after the failure of the first attack, and as happened in the first attack, the fighters also succeeded in thwarting the attack and killed a mercenary who wanted to blow himself up among the fighters of Asefat Al Jazeera.

And the frequent bombing of mercenaries on the village of AL-Jana, which was liberated by the fighters on 13 October, without any damage or loss among the fighters.



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