Asefat AL-Jazeera liberate about 20,000 civilians, villages and towns and makes further progress

The fighting fronts in the Asefat AL-Jazeera campaign are witnessing fierce clashes between SDF and ISIS mercenaries, where the fighters have liberated Osyha village and the liberation of some 20,000 civilians.

Male and female fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces, who continue their march from the town of Soor, liberated the village of Osyha, south of the town of Soor after fierce clashes with mercenaries since yesterday.

Combatants are progressing in the wing of the town of Markada 3 kilometers ahead and continue to advance.

In the al-Jazrat village wing, clashes between SDF and mercenaries raged in the village of Kasri, which the fighters entered yesterday.

The fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces continue to advance in the three wings and liberate civilians from mercenaries. Yesterday, the fighters liberated some 20,000 civilians from the mercenary grip.



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