Asefat AL-Jazeera: Progress in all axes and liberate three villages

Syrian Democratic Forces fighters managed to liberate three villages in the Jazrat axis, as well as fighters in the Jazrat and Abu Khashab axes, as fighters continued to advance.

The fighters of Asefat AL-Jazeera campaign continue to advance. In the Mercada axis, the fighters advance 2 kilometers west of the village of Al-Kubra.

In the center of Souar, the fighters arrived at the beginning of the village of Al-Mawalh, northwest of the town of Souar. During the clashes witnessed by this axis, three elements of Dahish were killed. Two of them were killed by the fighters. The fighters also seized Kalashnikov.and the clashes are still strong in this axis until the preparation of this news.

The fighters also met in Abu Ghashab and al-Jazarat, and the fighters continue to advance.



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