Asefat AL-Jazeera rages ISIS on three axes

Fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces are making further progress and victories in Deir al-Zour, where fighters have liberated 10 farms and killed 5 mercenaries.

In the Mercada area, the fighters moved 2 kilometers into the area last night and managed to liberate 10 farms.

During the clashes in the region, 5 mercenary elements were called up, while the fighters seized two Kalashnikovs, a PKS, a hunting rifle, two Brno weapons, an RPG launcher and a pistol

Militants continue to advance in the area.

At the center of the AL-Jazrat, the Syrian Democratic Forces fighters besieged the village of Hermoush. The village is now witnessing strong clashes between fighters and mercenaries, while clashes in the village of Tal Kesri between the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces and mercenaries continue.

The fighters also seized an unmanned radar-guided drone at the Suor axis.



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