Civilians and the Reconstruction Committee hand by hand to rebuild What ISIS destroyed it

Reconstruction, which is the new birth witnessed by our country after a long conflict with the destruction and demolition and destructive approach done by the darkness of the prospects of mercenaries.

Now our country is witnessing the birth of a new dawn of life, and they are the sons of the country as they begin to build their country and restore what they have destroyed the darkness and all over its ability in all areas of shops, houses, orchards, markets and villages.

The people of Raqqa and its villages are rehabilitating villages, markets, facilities, bridges, service complexes and health facilities.

As citizens follow the reconstruction of their villages, the Reconstruction Committee continues its work to rehabilitate government institutions that serve the citizens.

Nazmi Mohammed, Chairman of the Reconstruction Committee of the Civil Council, said: “Their work is to evaluate, follow up and supervise the rehabilitation of government buildings in Raqqa and its suburbs. It includes bridges, vital places and urban buildings, and some works have been completed and completed. About 80 apartments, the restoration and re-operation of the spacious vehicles, and the removal of earth mounds from the roads.

Mohammed also pointed out that a study has been carried out to reconstruct Al-Zahra pumping station and other stations such as Kalata and Adnaniyah to restore water to the channels and watercourses in cooperation with the concerned organizations and bodies. Five schools are also being rehabilitated in the towns of Hazima, Tal Al-Saman, Khnez and Al-Rasheed.

Nadhmi Mohammed stressed that the committees are preparing plans and programs to complete all the damage in the other newly liberated areas and the field workshops are working at a high pace and we now have a plan to rehabilitate 30 schools in Yarmouk Asadiya El-Galaa and Maysaloun. We will not hesitate to provide the maximum effort to build our society after the destruction. Caused by those criminal gangs.



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