HomemanshetClashes continue in the remaining neighborhoods of the city of Raqqa

Clashes continue in the remaining neighborhoods of the city of Raqqa

Violent clashes were waged by Syrian Democratic Forces with terrorists in several neighborhoods, and early in the morning 46 civilians were freed.

The clashes continue between SDF and terrorists of ISIS in the neighborhoods of downtown Raqqa “Nahda, Al-Barid, Freedom, Kurds” and in the national hospital area,

In this context, the mercenaries launched a car bomb attack on the points of the Syrian Democratic Forces fighters in the Nahda neighborhood, but the fighters targeted the vehicle and destroyed it before reaching their points.
In the early hours of the morning, the special forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces liberated 46 civilians from Al Nahda neighborhood in city center of Raqqa, most of them children and women.

After their rescue, the combatants moved the civilians into safe areas and provided them with water and food.

Over the past two days, the Syrian Democratic Forces have liberated about 176 civilians and have been transferred to safe places.

During the clashes that broke out in the region, two of SDF fighters  were killed after considerable resistance.



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