Continuation of maintenance works at the power station of the Euphrates dam

The dams administration in the north of Syria, in cooperation with the Civil Council of Raqqa and under the supervision of Abboud Haj Abboud, Director of Dams Department, began maintenance works at the Euphrates dam power station.

The maintenance work began after the completion of the mine clearance and securing it, where the station was severely damaged as it was a battlefield and the last site ISIS withdrew from it the pre-liberation  in the city of Tabqa.

The station will be divided into two parts: a distribution yard and a conversion yard. The conversion yard will be started soon by the ERT team in cooperation with Tabqa Civil Council. The distribution station is currently being managed by dams.

It has been operational since the beginning of this month as soon as demining is completed,

The third cell is being maintained by a maintenance workshop of 20 workers and a supervisor to replace the damaged parts in the cell with a new one and then move on to repair the eighth cell according to a specific program of work.

There are eight cells in each distribution cell that are connected to each of the Euphrates dam. Each 100-megawatt turbine is transmitted via cables to the distribution yard. It has a set of circuit breakers and isolators to control the current.

Note that the need of the class and its countryside does not exceed 35 MW, and the completion of maintenance work in the distribution yard on 30/10/2017.


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