HomemanshetDeclaration of liberation of Raqqa city

Declaration of liberation of Raqqa city

On behalf of the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces, we proudly announce today from city center of Raqqa the victory of our forces in the major battle to defeat the organization terrorist(ISIS)and defeating him in the capital of his alleged succession and liberating the city of Rashid The bride of the Euphrates.

We offer gifts this historic victory of all humanity, especially the families of the victims of terrorism, who have suffered injustice and terror in Syria and the world

On this historic occasion, we pay tribute to the souls of our righteous martyrs, who were taken over and played a major role in liberating neighborhoods.

Shahid of the battle of Raqqa are the true creators of this great victory. The blood of 655 Syrian people, Arabs, Kurds, Turkmans, Syrians, Turks, Americans, and Britons, was mixed up on this land, and succeeded in evacuating and securing. The lives of approximately 450 thousand citizens from the city of Raqqa.

We thank all the factions of the Syrian Democratic Forces and their supporting forces from the brave Shinqali women’s protection units, the Shankal protection units, the Asayish forces, the internal security forces, the community protection forces, the self-defense forces and the international fighters battalion, and thank the international coalition forces and their military advisers who participated in the operations. Military on the battlefield is effectively prominent

We salute all the media who have done all they can to convey the truth and have not sacrificed even their lives for their mission and humanitarian mission.

We also highly appreciate the moral and material support provided by  Civil Council of Raqqa and the tribal sheikhs of the region and its guidance to our forces.

Our victory is a victory over terrorism and its brutality. Liberation is the final chapter in the epic of confrontation and the fight against the Syrian terror we launched from the resistance town of Kubani, and the spirit of resistance shown by the fighters during the Cobani resistance in 134 days and they were able to defeat the world’s most brutal terrorist organization For the first time, it was again demonstrated in the 134-day struggle to liberate al-Raqqa, which largely ended the existence of the terrorist organization as a military force threatening humanity.

We at the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces declare that we will hand over the administration of the city of Raqqa and its countryside to the Civil Council and hand over the duties of protecting the security of the city and its countryside to the internal security forces in Raqqa. We pledge to protect the borders of the province against all external threats. A decentralized federal democracy in which the people of the province manage their own affairs.

We call on all countries and forces that love freedom and peace and all humanitarian and international organizations to participate in the reconstruction and construction of the city and its countryside and to help remove the remnants of war and destruction left by the organization

With this declaration we have liberated the entire city, and we have faced another task of building and achieving stability in the liberated city, which requires unity and solidarity. We therefore appeal to all the people of Al-Rigga with its Arab, Kurdish, Turkmen and Syriac components to work together to rebuild and build the city and its countryside and to form a democratic administration that represents the will of all.

Glory and eternity to our martyrs heroes, and the speedy recovery of our wounds

Death to terror, shame for his supporters

General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces

Raqqa – 20 October 2017


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