dissolution of three elements of the mercenaries of Dara Euphrates and surrender themselves to Manbaj military council

Because of the ill-treatment for the elements and civilians and the looting and robbery carried out by the leaders and elements of the mercenaries of Dara AL-Euphrates from the theft of civilian property and the numerous assassinations, in addition to that they trade drugs and contraband these and other reasons called for three elements of the factions of Dara AL- Euphrates to split and surrender themselves to the Council of Manbij military under the banner of Syria Democratic Forces.

On Wednesday, 4/10/2017, three members of the Sultan Murad battalion under the banner of the so-called Dara AL-Euphrates, supported by the Turkish intelligence, announced their dissent from the Dara AL- Euphrates.

Where they were considered status and facilitate their affairs after taking security measures.

Ahmed Hamoud, a dissident of the army of AL-Ahfad, confirmed that he had split with his family and that the forces of the Manbaj military council had offered his family assistance from the moment they arrived.

The dissidents appealed to the rest of their comrades to split from this faction and to return to their people and their homeland and live their normal lives away from dependence and not to be a tool in the hands of the Turkish intelligence used by dirty work.

The elements are: Ahmed Hamoud, Adel Reis Fayyad, Mohamed Abdel Latif Hassou



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