Distribution of new baskets food in Ain Issa camp

In the framework of alleviating the suffering of refugees in Ein Issa camp, at the initiative of the Rojava Association, the World Food Organization (WFB) and the Association of Mawada, aid was distributed to the people in the camp.

Walid Muhammad Yunus, a member of Rojava Association has confirmed that we are, and to alleviate the suffering of our people and relieve the pressure experienced by the camp management as a result of the influx of large numbers of refugees have brought basket food and travel two thousand five hundred basket will be distributed in two installments we distribute half of the day and the second half tomorrow, through a team Consisting of eight volunteer members.

Fatima Ahmed al-Fayad confirmed a volunteer in the affection association we team of volunteers came to help our people in the camp and the distribution of aid for them and we found the ease of distribution through collaboration with comrades, refugees, and we will after the completion of the distribution of these brassware we will distribute baskets ambulatory refugees from the monastery and Iraq, two hundred basket of the number Including canned foods and children’s food.

And the number of volunteers in the distribution process. Four people will carry out the distribution. Fayyad confirmed that a basket of medicines will be distributed to each family after the distribution of aid.


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