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Establishment of the People’s Court in the Civil Council of Raqqa

The judiciary is the authority to resolve disputes and one of the most important pillars of society to achieve social justice among people because of its important role in achieving justice and equality among people.

In recognition of the importance of the judiciary, Raqqa Civil Council formed the People’s Court in Ain Issa on 22/10/2011 as the first judicial body to be formed in the city of Raqqa after being liberated from ISIS consisting of two sections: Prosecution and Investigation Committee and Social Justice Committee.

The cases are referred to the Justice Committee either through the Commission of Inquiry or through the direct prosecution of the parties to the disputes, the cases referred to them by the Internal Security Forces or the contentious issues that occur between the spouses about the rights, duties and other family disputes referred by the Women’s Committee to the Judiciary.

Judge Mohammed Al-Nawi Al-Duaij, chairman of the Social Justice Committee in the Civil Council, confirmed that the court’s field of work is not limited to Ein Issa, but includes the city of Raqqa and its countryside. The court issues its verdicts either in a limited or appealable form, and there is an appeals court in Kobany, and we will open another in a Tal Abiyd soon.

Al-Duaij pointed out that there are no difficulties impeding the work of the court and the court has not received any murder or criminal felony, but most of the cases we are currently dealing with are controversial issues between people and attacks on citizens’ And the ruling is adjudicated.

Al-Duaij noted that the court will transfer its work center to the city of Raqqa after the return of the people to it and is currently seeking to develop full judicial bodies in the centers of the major communities in rural areas such as class, dignity and Mansoura.



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