Fighters in the rear lines are no less important than frontline fighters

The brave fighters on the front lines are fighting the terrorists, and there are other fighters who are no less important than them who support the fighters in the rear lines (water, food, aid)) .

On a tour of the Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces on one of the kitchens of the fighters in the Western Front, we learned how to prepare food for the fighters and how to distribute food to all fronts and military points and all these efforts for fighters stationed on the fronts.

Anwar Mahmud, the kitchen officer at the Western Front, confirmed that they work day and night to secure all the front’s necessities of food, fast food, water, etc. This restaurant is the main artery of the Western Front, which supplies it with all foodstuffs.

 (8:00 am to 8:00 pm) to prepare the food needed for the front. All meals are processed, packaged and transported to the fighters by cars. There are 8 cars serving this restaurant to transport food to the front lines of the fronts.

The staff in this restaurant exceeds 30 workers. The kitchen produces 7,500 meals a day for the fighters. There is a warehouse in the kitchen where all the necessary materials are available.



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