Foundation of Office for the control in the People’s Assembly in Tabqa city

Tabqqa city in the past period has witnessed frequent developments in all aspects of social, economic and service life. The city is experiencing urban development and population congestion due to its average location on the Euphrates River and its connection to a number of commercial roads. This has made it a major commercial and economic center in the region.

It is considered the largest center for population and urbanization in the rural areas of Raqqa, so a local council and municipal council were established in the city to organize the city and activate the service facilities in the city.

An officer’s office was set up in Al-Sha’ab Municipality(People Municipality) , consisting of 15 members divided into committees, each with a specific work and coordinating its work among them. Three elements were identified to monitor and organize the garage in the city and four elements to monitor and follow up the markets. Corrupt materials in cooperation with the Health Committee in the municipality and the confiscation of all these materials and the warning and violation of owners.

A member of the Office of the officer Raed Al-Hamoud: The Office of the control removed the market Albala(old clothes) converted into an organized market and organize all the markets of the city, which is the largest shopping center in the countryside of Raqqa.

In addition, the Office of the Inspector in cooperation with the Technical Office in the municipality to follow up the work of construction and removal of violations and the control removed all the sidewalks from the sidewalks in the streets of the city and seeks the municipal council to organize new markets in the city to relieve pressure and congestion on their markets and will be opened slaughterhouse under the supervision of the municipality to stop random slaughter in shops And restaurants.








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