Foundation of Shahid Families at Manbij: Great works and few possibilities

Since the liberation of Manbij city from a mercenary, the Foundation for the Families of Shahid has been launched. In spite of the limited possibilities.

The Foundation also has 20 members and is a member of all the community components in Manbaj. The Foundation is divided into several sections: Finance, Media and Archives.

The section of the archive is divided into three sections: the section of Shahid who did not marry, which has no children, Shahid who have a wife and children and the majority have several wives.

Abu Okeid, a counselor at Shahid Families Foundation, spoke about their work :The members and administrators working in this institution underwent social, intellectual and cultural training courses for one month, in order to work, coordinate and treat the institution and the families of Shahid.

As for the aid and grants provided to the families of Shahid, Abu Okeid stressed that despite the lack of possibility, we help each family start the martyrdom of their children from expenses and assistance for condolences and decrees, and also help them with foodstuffs and fuel as possible, especially children, women and mothers of Shahid who do not have a home The majority of the families are not from the city of Manbij and they are displaced, and between a period and a period we meet with the families of Shahid to know their needs and how to help them.

Our goal is not to leave any child of Shahid without education and do not want to be a difference between him and any child, because they are the sons of our Shahid who sacrificed for the freedom and dignity of this people, and we must be the responsibility to protect the families of Shahid because they are safe in our necks.

As for the support, Abu Akeid stressed that they did not receive any assistance from any civil center or institution in the city of Manbj to help the families of Shahid , only some international organizations come between period and period to help some of Shahid families with material amounts, Coordination with us, which causes chaos in the work, knowing that the institution of the families of Shahid gave the names of their families to all organizations working to support the crisis and in coordination with us.



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