Graduation of the 11 th session of the Internal Security Forces

Shahid Rostam Amarghi Academy Graduates the 11th session of the Internal Security Forces in the name of the course of Shahid Hamza, which included 160 members of the sons of Raqqa and its villages received military, political and medical training and rapid intervention, attacks,intellectual lectures and lessons on how to deal with civilians at checkpoints.

The graduation ceremony was attended by the Joint Presidency of the Civil Council of Raqqa and leaders of the Internal Security Forces and administrators. The ceremony began with a minute of silence for the dead one.The military personnel then maintained the property of the civilians and maintained the stability of the region and ethics.

He then presented the elements with a military presentation and martial arts. The ceremony marked the graduation ceremony of the graduating members and stressed the importance of the Internal Security Forces as equivalent to the Syrian Democratic Forces in maintaining security and stability and preserving public and private property..

The head of the Internal Security Forces, Idriss Mohammed, gave the graduation ceremony to the graduating students and commended the course’s duration and the extent of their interaction with the training and lessons they received. He also pointed out that the Internal Security Forces are their primary task to maintain security and stability in the areas liberated by SDF with the blood of Shahid, With this training you will be ready to enter the city of Raqqa immediately after liberation.

The ceremony ended with the Dabkeh workshops on revolutionary and folkloric songs.


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