Hamidi: I lost my wife and three of my children and my little daughter remained single

Hamad Mahmoud Hamidi, born in 1989 from Raqqa, the Intifada Street, is married and has four children who worked in the industry to earn a living to raise his children. When the liberation campaign began, he did not intend to leave his home due to his financial situation, but when there was narrowing from ISIS he decided to leave his home and fear for his family

Went out with his children and his wife to walk the road of death that he put in front of civilians to prevent them from going out was not alone, but there were many families walk behind him in the secondary lanes towards the AL-Jazra junction so that he and his companions to safety says:

“I saw the mines on both sides of the road and we do not know how these mines explode. I was looking at my face and my foot and my foot on the ground. I did not see anything. The families from behind were afraid of crossing from that street, but they could only walk in this direction. The punishment is direct and it killed us all without exception.

So I decided to complete the walk and here was the disaster exploded those mines in seconds, was strapped with a white wire high hit my feet by then I did not hear the voice of my children and my wife I was looking for them around me I did not feel what hit me I saw my three children thrown on the floor and my wife with them do not move have died and my child was Crying and lying on the ground.

At that moment I wished death because I could not do anything to them where I saw the blood flowing from my feet I do not feel pain I was suffering inside me So people can not approach us for fear of mines until the Syrian forces came to democracy and drove us out of that region.

“My legs are numb. Do you feel that?” I told them, “I only feel pain in my heart. I have lost my wife and three of my children. I have had my daughter and I do not know what happened.” One of the doctors replied: “She is fine and alive. You will see her. I live in the camp and my daughter is treated in a white hill .



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