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Internal Security Forces: Liberation Day is a historic day for all people of Raqqa

Internal Security Forces are the watchful eye for the welfare of the citizens, who are constantly monitoring the citizens’ affairs. The news of liberating Raqqa received great joy, expressed by its elements.

In a tour of the Media Center on the Internal Security Forces in the town of Ain Issa, we met Adham Muslim, the administrative officer of the center for the sector of Ain Issa and its countryside, where he said:

The liberation of Raqqa was the dream of all the sons of Raqqa. Thanks to the blood of Shahid, this dream is realized and now we are working in full preparations to protect our people in Raqqa by forming the Security Center for Barriers inside and outside the city and opening security centers in all its branches.

Yasser Ismail al-Khamis, an official of the Internal Security Forces, said that the city of Raqqa was a symbol of succession, calling for support. But thanks to SDF, the city was liberated from their abomination. Today, the declaration of liberation is a historic day for all the people who have suffered five years of injustice, And deprivation.

And these victories also thanks to our great people who rejected the idea of ​​terrorism, and we as internal security forces our task to impose security and safety on the whole city in the future and solve the problems of people and the accountability of the spoilers and abusers in the city.

Ahmed al-Khalaf, a resident of Raqqa, born in 1971, expressed his happiness. “My joy is indescribable. I thank all the forces that contributed to the liberation and we will work in our city to provide security, safety and peace for all our people in Raqqa,” he said.



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