Issuing security cards for citizens in Ain Issa

The People’s Assembly of Ain Issa issued official security cards to the citizens of the town through which they can move within the borders of the North Syrian territory in order to prove their identity and obtain the services provided by the Civil Council of Raqqa to the citizens through this card.

On a tour of the Media Center on the Council, Mohammed Mahmoud Al Ayyash told us the joint presidency of the Council, saying:

On the occasion of the liberation of the city of Raqqa, the council granted the citizens a security card for all citizens in Ain Issa, by means of the comets, where the family is counted and given cards.

This card gives the holder freedom of movement throughout the northern regions of Syria in addition to the conduct of all transactions of interest to citizens and access to the services provided by the Civil Council of Raqqa for assistance and Mazut for heating and the benefit of this card is to maintain the peace and security from any external attacks to organize a supporter.

Al-Ayyash expressed his joy towards the liberation of the city of Al-Rigga and his name and the name of the Directorate of the Council thanked all the forces that participated in the campaign which removed the uncleanness and terrorism from human life in the city of Al-Rigga and said that this card is the surest way to get rid of the remnants of ISIS.

Shahinaz Hindawi, the joint head of the People’s Assembly in the town of Ain Issa, said that the liberation of Raqqa is a great achievement, where the tenderness of the main strongholds of the successor to the five-year-old leader. This is proof of the hardness and boldness of SDF in the battles with ISIS. It is our responsibility and this card is the first step to the success of this country and provide safe ways of life.

We are working with all our efforts to open a center for the People’s Assembly in Raqqa with its entire staff and to set up Kominat to serve our people in Raqqa.

Hamoud al-Khalaf, a citizen of Ain Issa, who obtained a security card, confirmed that this step in the right way to build what was destroyed was the best solution for our people to maintain their security and safety.



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