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Jarallah: I had to drive by one leg to take my family to safety

Jarallah al-Jassim was born in 1962. He has a family of seven. He drove his car with his family from Deir al-Zour to Ein Issa camp by one foot after his leg was cut by a mortar shell.

Where Jarallah, who was living in Deir al-Zour in the village of Al-Maraiya, said that his foot was amputated in 2012 during clashes between the regime and the so-called Free Army as a result of mortar shells between the two sides.

He said “I have followed my life in the hope of getting out of an industrial party, but I could not get out because of my poor physical condition and the reluctance of ISIS in the period of their control to leave their areas.

Now, because of them and their arbitrary practices, we went out of our homes and had to drive my car to get my family out of the areas of clashes between SDF and ISIS. I live in Ein Issa camp and I hope that in the areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces there is a center for prosthesis so that I do not have to go to the areas Other.



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