Kadiran Dam is coming back to work soon

Dams are the essentials of life in all countries because they regulate water flow, hydropower generation, watering the land, and dam, such as the Ba’ath dam, one of the dams that is the second lifeline in al-Raqqa governorate after the Euphrates dam.

Engineer Mohammed Al-Khalif, General Manager of the dam briefed us on the reality of the work of the dam

The dam is designed to regulate the water passing through the Euphrates dam and reduce its vibrations, to help the Euphrates Dam plant from working at peak hours through generating electricity, irrigation of agricultural land.

The total length of the dam is 3069 meters, the earthworks are 6 million cubic meters, the maximum level of dam 256, the concrete works 183.1 thousand cubic meters, the water stored in the dam is used to generate power, the number of turbines is 3 turbines, the capacity is 25.2 MW, the total capacity is 75.6 MW

The plant was cleaned of mines and the volume of water stored between the Euphrates dam and the dam of freedom (90 million cubic meters) is used to raise the fish wealth. The dam is maintained by the specialized Syrian technical workshops (engineers – technicians – workers) By the Council of the Civil Class and the Council of Democratic Syria by competent purchasing committees.

The dam has eight flood gates on the left shoulder of the hydropower station to pass excess water in the flood period and when the station is idle as it is currently, the gates are opened to maintain the fixed level of water.

The biggest danger is the tunnels, where there are two tunnels in the dam. The first tunnel connects the village of Kediran and the dam with a length of 3 km and a width of 1.5 meters, and the second between the dam and the lake.

We appeal to international organizations to help us rehabilitate the main road of the dam because of the tunnel under the road, which places the dam and the road in danger because it is the only road between the north-west and the southeastern side of the road and the only road between the villages of Kadiran and Mansoura.

The dam will return to work as soon as possible, as was the case with engineers and technicians working day and night, and this is our duty towards our people.



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