Kassar al-Raqawi: ISIS uses tunnels to keep his fighters alive

ISIS begin to dig the tunnels to ensure their safety and ease of entry and exit from and to the city of Riqqa, but nevertheless received consecutive losses by the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Kassar al-Rqawi, a frontline fighter on the eastern front in the city of  Raqqa, said that after careful monitoring and observation, we were surprised by a number of elements in the eastern front who were liberated and were surprised by their presence, after which we clashed with them, killing three of them and the fourth fleeing.

After our pursuit, he entered a house near the Hittin school on the eastern front of the city of Raqqa, where he entered a tunnel. We hit the tunnel with tear gas, first trying to get him out alive, but after waiting a while we threw the attack bombs and we entered it. In the Rumaila neighborhood, as we left the tunnel, we entered a house where we found mines that had been dismantled and when one of the mercenaries was arrested there. He said that they were placing civilians as human shields and planting mines around them so that they could not escape, and then we blocked the tunnel so they would not use it again.

And the nature of the battle, he said I am the leader of the group I distribute the fighters and give them how to deploy and how to deal with the enemy in terms of weapons and what the quality and I distribute them on the areas allocated for sniping to protect our fighters from harm, but now find it difficult to fight because of the large number of sniper mercenaries.



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