Kindergarten opens its mission to provide psychological support for children under the slogan “Let’s Begin “

Under the slogan “Let’s Begin”, Afaq Organization and in cooperation with the Civil Council of Raqqa opened a new Afaq kindergarten in the town of Ain Issa in the presence of members of the educational committees of the Civil Council and the representatives of NGOs and Relief and supervisors of polio vaccination program.

Mohamed El-Hassoun, Executive Director of Afaq El-Jadida in Ain Issa, said that the center aims at psychological support and literacy as we turn the page of dark years planted by Dahish into innocent children. We have adopted certain standards and goals. The priority was first for the children of the camp who suffered the hardships they suffered from ISIS, and what was represented by the psychological oppression and systematic terrorism that killed all the beautiful in those innocent childhood.

Al-Hassoun confirmed that there are future projects for the center serving the town of Ain Issa in cooperation with local authorities and grassroots bodies in order to remove garbage to its dumps by carrying out voluntary work in the town of Ain Issa.

He also pointed out comrade Mustafa Al-Hamoud, the supervisor of polio vaccination campaign, to the fresh smile and the joy that overwhelms all segments of society and they vaccinate their children. Al-Hamoud pointed to the large number of vaccinated children in the town of Ein Issa and its countryside about 2000 children in the previous days .

It is worth mentioning that the vaccination campaign was played with the children and then vaccinated in the safe childhood center.



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