liberation of Halahla village and the killing of 15 mercenaries, one of them is ISIS prince

The fighters in the Asefat al-Jazeera campaign managed to liberate the village of Hilala, 9 km north of Souar, after violent clashes with terrorist supporters.

The fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the Souar axis, as part of the Asefat al-Jazeera campaign, made new progress and liberated the village of Hilala, 9 kilometers north of Sur. After liberation, the Syrian Democratic Forces fighters launched a campaign to clean them of mines and remnants of terrorists..

There were violent clashes between the Syrian Democratic Forces and terrorists calling south of the fields of Jafra oil, which is still continuing so far, during which the killing of 15 mercenaries from Dahesh, the bodies of six of them fell in the hands of the fighters in the village of Muhammadiyah, including one of the princes, in addition to the seizure of all their weapons and equipment , Including 5 Kalashnikovs, an RPG rifle, 5 bulldozers and a lot of ammunition.



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