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Loss of the citizens rights in the era of ISIS will respond to the people finally

As a result of the daily living conditions of the citizens and the problems they face between each other and the absence of a basic rule or a civilian body other than the Internal Security Forces, which ensures the separation of disputes that may occur between citizens A civil court was established in the town of Ain Issa, which is competent in the separation of disputes between citizens And resolve their differences that do not require the existence of the internal security forces.

After consultation and coordination between the Social Justice Committee in the Civil Council in Ain Issa and the Social Justice Committee in the city of Kobany, a court was opened in Ain Issa under the name of the Prosecution and Investigations Commission. Its task is to resolve disputes and disputes between citizens Consisting of four members:

1-Mr. Hamad Al-Dail is a member of the Committee and a spokesperson for the Committee

2- Professor Emad Alkraaf 3- Mis. Hamada Hebron 4- Professor Osman Ismail

Mr. Hamad Al-Dail explained to the people of Ain Issa the opening of this court that the citizens can go immediately to the court to file their complaints and to return their disputes and recover their lost rights during the period of the terrorist organization and that from this court all complaints and complaints are issued to the citizens. In its case as the murder cases will be transferred to the Justice Committee in Tel Abyad.

The member of the Prosecution Committee in the court, Mr. Imad Murad Al-Karraf, said that the decision to establish and establish this court took place on 6-10-2017 in accordance with the powers granted to the Committee of Social Justice in the city of Kobany and that this court came in response to the daily needs of citizens and that it seeks to spread the idea of social justice in society, It will never be allowed to override the laws and regulations that prohibit attacks on civilians and their rights.

Mr. Al-Karraf added that ISF is fully prepared to meet the needs of the court and that it will contribute significantly to the half of the oppressed and deter injustice from injustice.



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