Military applications at the conclusion of the course of Shahid Akkid Hassakeh at Al-Shuyukh town

After two months of military and ideological training that the fighters received at the Academy of dead one Aziz Arab in the town of Al-Shuyukh of the town of Sreen in the course named Akkid Hasaka, the fighters concluded the session with military applications simulating the field realities of the fighting on the front lines.

The Training course included 31 fighters from various regions who underwent intellectual and military training and with this training applied on the ground will equip these fighters to fighting battles in the real battlefields are run in both Raqqa city and Deir al-Azur.

Alaand Al-Hussain, who is administrator of military training at Shahid Aziz Arab Academy, confirmed that the course began on 6/8/2017. The fighters received military, ideological and ideological training at the level of leaders, who will be screened after graduation on the fronts as field commanders.

Loand Hasaka one of the fighters in al-Hasaka, born in 1987, said that in the course they had received ideological, political and military training for two months and now they are applying what they learned in the course on the ground through military applications, and we completed the exercises correctly and we thank all the administration that contributed to the success of the session, and promised us to continue the path of our Shahid in building a democratic society that achieves justice for all.


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