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mines threaten the lives of children in their schools

The educational and civil committees in Hazema village appealed to Raqqa Civil Council, which in turn, in cooperation with the Internal Security Forces, appealed to the competent organizations for demining and dismantling operations.

During a tour of the Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the town of Hazimah we met the team (represented by the organization MAG) and dismantles the residues in the Hazema school.

The team began to put red tapes, graffiti, warning of the danger of mines and approaching, placing banners showing the dangers of mines and moving away from them in all places of their existence. MAG began demining, which threatens all people, especially school children..

 (Mag) will work for more than 10 days to dismantle this school for the large number of mines and the difficulty of finding them because of old devices.

Where the team relies on detection of mines on the old devices (metal detector) with low sensitivity, and therefore will be delayed the opening of schools for more than 15 days.


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