opening of schools in Tabaqa and its rural with an official ceremony and a public presence

After three years of its children’s absence, schools are re-incubating their students in the city of Tabqa and its countryside to erase from their minds the effects of injustice and darkness  of ISIS that they closure of all schools in the areas controlled by him during his rule of the region.

Where the opening of schools in the city of Tabqa and countryside officially on 1/10/2017 and this was in a formal ceremony at the school and attended the ceremony members and heads of committees in Tabqa civil council and a number of teachers and parents.

The opening speech was delivered by Sawsan Al Hussein, on importance of the Education Committee, in which she stressed the importance of learning and its role in fighting ignorance and the important role of schools in spreading science to our students. She pointed to the role of teachers and their efforts in lighting the way for the future generation..

Ibtisam Ibrahim, Director of the Office of the Families of the Martyrs, gave a speech in which she praised the role of the martyrs and their sacrifices in their blood for the sake of the homeland and protecting them from the enemies and stressed that without their sacrifice, we would not be able to open schools and educate our children..

The opening of schools is the most important step taken by the Committee of Education, where the number of open schools in the city of Tabqa and its rural 25 schools, seven of them within the city, such as the school of Al-Sunubri,Omar al-Mukhtar, Al-Bahtari and Al-Jahz and 16 October and estimated the number of students in the city and its countryside with 20,000 students and the number of teachers with 305

In the Al-Sunubri School alone, 1500 students are divided into two groups due to the increasing number of students and the small number of open schools within the city.




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