opening of the slaughterhouse in Tabqa city

The People’s Council in Tabqa continues to provide services to the people of the city in all areas of service, health and social and seeks to provide more to keep up with the urban development and civilization the city witnessed .

On the first of this month, the municipal slaughterhouse was opened in the eastern part of the city. The goal is to preserve the city’s cleanliness and stop indiscriminate slaughter, which causes a lot of dirt and foul odors, leading to the spread of germs and diseases.

Where the health committee in the municipal council headed by Mohammed al-Khalaf opened the slaughterhouse after its rehabilitation, where daily 150 cows are slaughtered between (Kharouf, goat, ax and Jammal) to meet the need of the city and under the supervision of a specialist doctor overseeing the slaughter process and in case of invalidation of the sacrifice is destroyed by burning and seals On the carcasses before distribution to shops and restaurants.

Al-Khalaf noted that in the absence of stamps on the carcasses in shops and restaurants, owners are being violated and their shops closed.



















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