HomedialoguePanorama Roundabout: From the Inferno of ISIS to the Blessings of Syrian Democratic Forces

Panorama Roundabout: From the Inferno of ISIS to the Blessings of Syrian Democratic Forces

Panorama rotary is one of the most famous places in Raqqa city, which is located in the southwest entrance of the city in Al-Tayyar district.

Rotary founded the technical services committee in 2005 and made it a park visited by every citizen and his family to spend enjoyable times in the gardens adjacent to them with a good air for proximity to the Euphrates and give it a tourist aesthetic to the entrance of the western city.

And after the wars that took place in the city of Raqqa during the Syrian revolution and the seizure of the so-called free army on Raqqa and then ISIS which made this cemetery the cemetery of the bodies of those who cut them from citizens and secret executions and operations, which led to the conversion to a place of shame because of the killing and abuse of people.

A resident of the area of Tayyar Ahmad al-Muhammad, who lived beautiful days and spend his evenings in this beautiful site with his family ended those days because of brutality and barbaric urging to turn into a mass grave for all those who kill and cut and even they were not burying the dead in the Islamic legitimacy, Barbarically and cast the dead in the dugout trench and then fill the dirt above them and also make the park the center of Hasbara and a place of encouragement and oppression and chaos.

 Where the terrorist organization blew up the water tank located in the garden, which was distributing water to all the neighboring areas and use a point to focus their snipers in the fight against SDF, which was able to defeat the terrorist organization and return joy and pleasure to the souls of the people of Raqqa.



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