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Raqqa Civil Council receives a second batch of mechanisms

On Thursday, October 26, 2017, the Civil Council of Raqqa received the second batch of mechanisms provided by the International Coalition.

This batch consisted of 12 large bulldozer, Eight trucks, three tanks and three small bulldozers were taken by the Reconstruction Committee of the Civil Council to begin removing rubble in the city after cleaning the mines.

In cooperation with Raqqa Civil Council, organizations of (TATRATIC-MAC_ROUG) were working in the city to clear the mines, in conjunction with the development of a city plan by the PRC, which is divided into 10 sectors and within the city 16 sectors to facilitate the rubble removal process And repairing water and electricity networks .

A number of organizations adopted the sectors of the city after their authorization by the Civil Council and allowing them to enter by the military authorities. These organizations are the organizations of the future makers, which took each of the sectors (8,12,7,13,16,14,15,5, 6)( Divide city neighborhoods into sectors), which pledged water, drainage and electricity networks.

And the Silk Road Organization took sectors of(2,3,10) and undertook to remove the rubble, paint the sidewalks and maintain the water, electricity and sewage systems.

Ert obtained (1,4) of the sectors of the parties and (1,2,3,4) from within the city and also undertook to repair water, drainage and electricity networks.

It is expected that the rehabilitation of the networks of water, electricity, drainage and debris removal will take about 6 months.



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