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Reconstruction Committee: Equipping a judicial complex in Karama village

Judicial complexes are important security agencies to secure the rights of citizens and to solve their outstanding problems, especially the problems that were in a period of ISIS and still stuck between some citizens.

Where  Raqqa Civil Council represented by the Committee on Reconstruction field tour of the village of Karama, located in the east of the city of Raqqa to see the reality of the service in addition to the choice of site to build a judicial complex in the village.

Ibrahim Al-Faraj, head of the committee responsible for the implementation of the project, said that after studying and studying in the village, a two-story school consisting of nineteen rooms was chosen to be equipped as a judicial center and it was chosen due to its large size and being fully walled. It has a main door on the public street and a door on the back. Prepare them to be a park for the complex.

Six rooms were equipped for judges, two wards rooms, two glasses rooms and a judicial control room. There is also an entrance from the east to the entrance and exit of the workers in the complex and the western entrance and exit of citizens.

These rooms are currently being processed until the remaining rooms are completed. The complex will be operational after a month until the crew is complete. We are looking for experienced people in this area because the problems of the citizens are difficult and complex.




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