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Reconstruction Committee: We, as any citizen, received the news of liberation of Raqqa with great joy

Nazmi Mohammed, the team leader of the PRC, said that the committee received the news of liberating Raqqa City with great joy, like any citizen in the governorate of Raqqa. It has developed a plan to open roads and remove dirt barriers and roadblocks. After demining, which is the biggest challenge after the liberation of the city.

Raqqa was divided into two internal and external sections. The outer section divided the city into ten districts and the internal division divided into 16 districts in order to facilitate the work with the organizations that will work on the land and distribute them to the neighborhoods so that the work of the organizations does not interfere with each other. Health and drinking water networks as well as the processing of networks and power stations.

Nazmi Mohammed urged the people of Raqqa not to enter the city until after the Civil Council and the Internal Security Forces allowed all the residents to enter the city because of the heavy presence of mines and in order to preserve their lives.

Mohammed appealed to all humanitarian organizations to rush into the city, clean up mines and help the people rebuild the city and restore normal life to the city and return people to their homes.

  Nazmi Mohammed wished that the people would return to the city after finishing cleaning their mines and living in peace within a pluralistic and pluralistic democratic society of all sects and giving women a role in building society.



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