Rehabilitation of the Great Mosque in Ain Issa shows the cohesion between the components of society

The Great Mosque or as it is called the people of the city of Ain Issa Al-Muhaid mosque. The mosque is located in the center Ain Issa town and was established in 1999, but it was damaged because of the wars that passed through the town of Ain Issa and the restoration of the mosque at the expense of Raqqa Civil Council and the people’s House in Ain Issa, The cohesion of the Syrian social fabric is what the people aspire to.

And after the closure of the mosque for more than 6 years because of the wars that took place in the region has been the body of the mosque and all facilities and the electrical equipment and health facilities damage and looting.

The first prayer was held in Aid al-Adha in the presence of the Civil Council of Raqqa  and representatives of the People’s House in Ain Issa and members of the committees of Civil Council of Raqqa the participation of the people of Ain Issa and displaced.

It should be noted that the restoration of the Great Mosque shows the strength and cohesion of the people and the establishment of the principle of respect for religious beliefs and non-discrimination between segments of society and the rejection of discrimination and intolerance and extremism.

He cited Saleh Hwari, who is in charge of renovating the mosque with the Prophet’s Hadith, saying, “One of you does not believe in loving one’s brother what he loves for himself.” He stressed that what was planted by mercenaries called for the removal of the meaning of humanity and its brutal treatment of civilians. His humanity and his entity because of what he suffered during the previous stage and giving him the value that was wasted under the shadow of a mercenary.



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