Rehabilitation of the northern entrance of the Euphrates Dam road

Euphrates dam is the main lifeline of Tabqa city in terms of linking the city to its outer perimeter and is a vital artery for transit of goods and passengers. This road is increasingly congested at its northern entrance to the increasing population density and commercial activity of the class.

Therefore,Civil Council of Tabqa gave special importance to this road, where he started a project to rehabilitate the entrance to the northern dam, which was damaged as a result of the fall of some shells and the digging of holes in it during the liberation of the region from ISIS mercenary.

The project is implemented by the Early Intervention Team (ERT) and supported by the CSP and in coordination with the city’s People’s Council.

Work began on this project on 13/9/2017 and the duration of this project is 67 days.

Engineer Ali Al-Shammas of the rapid intervention team confirmed that the project has reached the stage of reclamation after the completion of the drilling stage. In the next stage, the asphalt will be laid out and placed in service as soon as possible. Due to the importance of this entrance, we continue to work without interruption to complete the work before the expiry And we expect to complete this project on 20 of this month.

He added that there are new projects in the rapid intervention team that have been studied and will be implemented during the next few days, including lifting the rubble of destroyed schools in the city to rehabilitate them again and repair water pumps and electricity network in the class and rural areas.



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