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repercussion the liberation of Raqqa in Ain Issa town

The news of the liberation of Raqqa city was high, as the joy of the north of Syria, with all its varied components, spread through the people there, and the people there expressed their joy in this news. The media center’s lens was following closely the joy of the people of Raqqa in Ein Issa and conveying their feelings and wishes to the world.

Amani Safar, the joint head of the Women’s House in Ain Issa said:I am the daughter of the city of Raqqa and the cradle of my childhood and my hope. The dream of truth was not for me alone, but for all the inhabitants of the earth. My city suffered from that black cloud. I see the bright glimmers of hope and the breeze of freedom coming back to my city. I will do my best to carry out my work and responsibility towards my city and await the return.

Amina Hussein Al-Satouf, 35 years old, says:”I do not know how to describe the moment that was the most beautiful moment of my life. The news was the most beautiful news I heard. Now I live in the town of Ein Eissa. I look forward to the second and great joy when I return to my home and city.

Ammar Faisal al-Khalaf 17 years of the people of the city of Raqqa: I was doing my duty and the moment of liberation was a moment of pride for me and my gun was in my hand and I was one of the participants in the great liberation campaign and when the Declaration of Liberation were all songs of joy gathered in my chest and I see tenderness freed from darkness to light I am now doing my duty and waiting to return to fulfill the duty in rebuilding my city.

Mustafa Al-Hmoud 36 years old: It was a beautiful moment, the birth of a new era of freedom and love and I was overwhelmed by that moment, as if the past and the years of oppression had vanished and evaporated with the joy of that moment waiting for me.

Mohammed Anwar Ibrahim 40 years was a beautiful moment and as the dream of victory over terrorism, we wait to return to our paper, even if a pile of dirt to settle and embraced a grain of grain.

Abdul Aziz Mohammed, 39 years old I lost consciousness and did not believe the news and I did not see but my family surrounded me and I am between a believer and a lie of the intensity of the joy I lost my temper and I felt my ears were hearing the liberation as strong as a fantasy and I am now preparing the minutes waiting for the return back to Raqqa.

Finally, Nayef Haj Issa, 58 years old, said: “My heart was the one who used to sing and sing the anthem of victory and liberation throughout my life. I did not feel the joy of this beautiful moment, thanks to the efforts and heroines of our sons and the brave people.



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