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sale of falafel in the camp helped her to support her husband and her family

Mariam al-Zaghir resorted to opening a restaurant to sell falafel to fill the need of her children and to appoint her husband the seat, this restaurant fills its needs and enough to ask people

Maryam Al-Ibrahim Al-Zughair 35 years old from Raqqa( Al-Rumailah) district has two daughters and three children and her husband is unable to work. She used to work in a used clothing store (Bala) until he came to her house and prevented her from working and even her daughter Who was working in a clinic for children who had been denied work.

It became difficult to secure a living and after the start of the battle of anger of the Euphrates and the outbreak of clashes between the forces of Syria’s democracy and mercenaries and urged the displaced to the village of Asadiya being freed from the call to go to her brother’s house in the village and stayed for a month but the difficult circumstances forced her to leave his home and headed to Ain Issa camp.

As soon as they arrived at the camp, the camp administration handed over a tent containing all the materials, including blankets, sponges, kitchen kits and food items. She now lives with her family in the camp.

To ease the suffering of her family, she opened a simple restaurant to sell falafel sandwiches, potatoes and eggs in the camp. She is satisfied with her part, especially as she is a woman and works in a stable, but the work is good and she collects enough for her and her family.



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