Statement to public opinion

We are the elders of the tribes of Raqqa declare that we are in order to end the bloodshed and to put an end to the tragedy of our people who are stranded inside the city and after they were stopped by the terrorists and the hypocrites and there was only a few trapped in one or more points within the city, they have nothing but surrender or option the death. We appealed to  Syrian Democratic Forces to settle the remaining situation inside the city from the local fighters and ensure their exit into areas outside the city with our assurances, and the Syrian Democratic Forces agreed on the content of this appeal.

We are now organizing a mechanism to remove these deceived and deceptive people in order to preserve the lives of civilians who have taken them as human shields and to protect the rest of the city from destruction and destruction.

Therefore, we declare to the public that we, as elders of the Al-Raqqa clans, will ensure the lives of those who will be removed .

We hope that we will move to other areas with steps to ensure security and peace in our country and to be cleansed of the abomination of terrorism and injustice and to live like others in our heroic city, who fought terrorism on behalf of the world.

We reiterate our thanks to the Syrian Democratic Forces who reacted positively to our call, understanding the nature of our tribal society and demonstrating their keenness on the lives of defenseless civilians.

Syria has lived a free and pluralistic democracy

Death to terrorism and victory for our peoples


Sheikhs and dignitaries of the tribes of Raqqa



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