Take a look at the health situation in the liberated countryside of Raqqa

The Health Committee of the Civil Council has worked in the past period to develop the organizational structure of the Health Committee and provide it with some elements with experience and competence to work within the committee and to develop a secretariat for the family, administrative affairs, and financial affairs. .

The health committee called for convening a comprehensive conference of medical and health staff in the province of Raqqa and its countryside. The conference resulted in the establishment of unions for doctors, pharmacists, nurses and medical professionals. It was agreed to name a room instead of a union. Conditions of employees in the fields of the subsidiary and avoid observations and irregularities, if any.

Joan Mahmoud Al-Zaqera, coordinator with international organizations in the Health Committee, said that the Committee, in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO), has conducted polio vaccine campaigns, including the liberated Al-Raqqa countryside, for children aged one to five years. .

A committee was established to identify the existing pharmacies operating in the rural areas of Raqqa and to control the irregularities and to make the necessary licenses

As for the health centers to be opened, lists of volunteer cadres were prepared in the following centers: Al-Hamarat, Al-Kalata, Khnez, Khattouniya, Al-Karama, Tishreen, and studying the needs of each health center for medical equipment and furniture.

In the coming period, the Committee will work on opening health centers in the rural areas of Al-Raqqa (Al-Raqqa Al-Samra / Al-Salhabiya / Al-Jalaa / Al-Qahtaniyah) )

The head of the health committee, Saddam al-Huwaidi, stressed that once the villagers return to their villages, the committee will open voluntary health centers for each village in the event of availability of health staff and within available means.

Disabled persons with special needs and patients with thalassemia are registered in coordination with the Office of Organizations and Humanitarian Affairs to ensure their needs.

Ammunition confirmed that two sites had been discovered to grant them special hospital licenses in the village of Al-Kasra and Al-Hoss area / Khas Hbal /

The ammunition will be launched to launch a measles vaccination campaign and another campaign for oral and muscular paralysis during the month of October, after the completion of the campaign of education and health awareness, which was launched on 26/9/2017


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