The Education Committee of Raqqa Civil Council receives a payment of assistance

In the context of the liberation of the province of Raqqa from terrorism, humanitarian organizations, in cooperation with Raqqa Civil Council, prepare for all service and educational institutions.

In the field of educational work, the United States sent a shipment of educational materials (stationery) and all school supplies to cover the needs of students in the province of Raqqa.

The aid consists of seven thousand school bags and a large quantity of 150 football balls, pens and plates, each package containing six school boards, games and engineering tools, biology and geography, educational materials with Arabic letters, Latin letters and teaching aids Variety for all stages.

Where the Committee of Education and under the supervision of Ibrahim al-Nuaimi and the cadre of the Committee to receive the inputs through Abdel Salam Hamsourk head of the organization and storage in the silos of Ain Issa, where they put forward a plan for distribution to schools in the countryside of Al-Raqqa liberated, and will spread distribution on 18/10/2017.


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