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The People’s Assembly at Tishreen Farm, its suburbs and its citizens services

The Civil Council of Raqqa established councils for the municipalities of the people in the major towns of the rural areas of the city and linking them to the neighboring villages to find out the conditions of the citizens and solve all the problems and obstacles that face them.

In a tour of the Media Center on the People’s Assembly in the farm of Tishreen, the President of the Council Mohamed Hamid Al-Issa said:

The Council began its work on 10/8/2017. The council includes 22 villages, including the eastern ramadan, Ruyan, south, al-Jalaa, al-Rashid, and al-Hashem.

Where we have done a number of works in the field of agriculture is currently doing a popular voluntary work to repair pumps that irrigate agricultural land in addition to pumping drinking water.

 Where a committee of engineers consulted the pumps and under the supervision of the municipality and the civil council of the city of Raqqa. We expect the pump to come back and return to work as soon as possible, and we have activated the automated bakery but does not meet the needs of the village and the villages around it. And the lack of fuel oil.

As for the fuel, we opened a fuel station where the station distributed 74,000 thousand liters of diesel fuel.

As for the work of the reconciliation committee, 40 controversial cases have been resolved between the parents and other complaints. We also have a football team established by the sports committee in the council and we distributed sportswear to the players.

In the near future, we will rehabilitate the Bazaar and expand and rehabilitate the public road.




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