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The water pumping station in AL-kasrat provides water for more than 300,000 people

AL-Kasrat station feeds Raqqa city and a number of villages in the southern Raqqa countryside. It is located on the Euphrates River next to the old bridge that connects the Kasrat areas in the city of Raqqa. The plant area is 4000 square meters and provides water for more than 300,000 people

The station was established by the Syrian Water Department in 1968. It started pumping the first batch of potable water in 1974. The station was expanded in previous years and is considered the backbone of Raqqa city and its southern suburbs.

Because of its strategic location on the Euphrates River, it has become one of the most important water stations in the north of Syria. With the continuation of the military campaigns that took place in Raqqa city in previous years, it was badly damaged.

The station, with its strongest capacity, feeds the region with about 9,000 cubic meters per hour of clean fresh water, and the number of beneficiaries has reached about one million previously, and its work was on the electric power generated by the Euphrates dam.

The station is currently feeding a number of villages south of the city of Raqqa, including (Kasra Sheikh Al-Jumhah, Khasra Mohammed Ali, Kasra Al-Faraj, Afanan, Hawija Al-Swafi, Dahmush and Ratala) .

The water is pumped to these villages through the piping networks in phases for six hours per village. Before pumping to the main network, the water is treated in several stages: purification stage, filtration stage, sterilization stage. The plant employs 22 workers 24 hours a day.



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