Tishreen village schools open their doors to accommodate students despite the shortage of school supplies

Tishreen village receives the new academic year and the first after five years of the absence of science in three primary schools and 800 students and staff of 27 teachers and misses with experience.

Tishreen North School, which opened on 1/9/2017 began to receive students, who numbered to date 350 students, including 200 students in the first grade of primary school because of their absence from school for five years during the rule of ISIS.

The head of the school Ibrahim Mohammed Omar said that the school was opened voluntarily in cooperation with the people and Raqqa Civil Council and he pointed out that the school contents has been sabotaged by mercenaries.some of the classes mostly without windows and some of the need for blackboard.

The school has a shortage of teachers. There are only nine teachers in the school, and the school in general needs urgent public maintenance because of the winter season. The school will face difficulties in continuing its work with a severe shortage of school supplies such as books, chalk- Seats – chairs – tables), noting that the school has 112 seats, half of which are damaged, where 4 to 5 students sit in one seat, which affects their absorptive capacity.

Despite these difficulties, the school did not stop providing its services to students and still accommodates more students enrolled in it despite the overcrowding within it. Seven students with disabilities have absorbed a mental handicap and the school administration is still trying to overcome these difficulties to provide all that is possible for its students.



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