Tomorrow is the date of opening a school in Ein Issa camp

Saeed Mohammed, a member of the Office of Organizations and Humanitarian Affairs of Syria Democratic Council, said that the Council, in cooperation with the Civil Council of Raqqa will open a school in Ain Issa camp 31-10-2017.

He also said that Syrian Democratic Council, after contributing to the establishment of the camp, intends on Tuesday to open the school in the camp to receive the children of the camp equal education to others, and will open schools in all the camps for our displaced people and fleeing from unjust injustice or fear of the regime’s oppression, In the near time and then in Tabqa camp.

In this context, Mohammed stressed that they are determined to open a school in each camp according to the possibilities available to us. The camp school will consist of four tents, each accommodating 40 children, and the system will be open to allow as many children as possible to enter the school. Or the opening of another school in the future.

As for the teachers, Mohammed stressed that the teachers will be teachers living in the camp, and the Syrian Democratic Council will provide support to the teachers and the school of all needs.

It is worth mentioning that Ein Isa camp has about 2,000 children of education age. In the camp there are 790 children aged between 6 and 12 years. There are 500 children in the camp, while Abu Khashab camp is not yet counted.



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